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Two people this week told me they’re not walking/running because they are lazy.  I know these women and I promise you they are not lazy.  And neither are you.

You are not lazy.

You might be tired, worn out, disconnected and overwhelmed but not lazy.

The reason you want to sit on the couch eating chips and ice cream all night instead of going for a run has nothing to do with your work ethic or your desire to make things happen.

I know this because you are a strong and motivated soul.  Lazy is not in your DNA.

Who you are doesn’t change when you get home from work.

The person who makes things happen all day long for everyone around her, doesn’t morph into a lazy, uninspired person just because she pulled into her garage at home.

But following all the rules and doing everything ‘just right’ is exhausting.  It leaves you feeling tired and ready to veg out for hours on end.

Taking care of everyone is overwhelming. It leaves you feeling disconnected and unsure of who you are and what you want.

So stop telling yourself the story of lazy.

The story of lazy keeps you stuck in the place of overwhelm and exhaustion.

Lazy tries to convince you that something is wrong with you.

And lazy is a lie.

A lie that keeps you from what you want.

Lazy stops you from looking at what’s really going on.

Lazy stops you from noticing how you really feel.

Lazy stops you from asking yourself what you really need.

Taking the time to look at those elements. To answer those question.  That’s what puts lazy to bed for good.

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