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Inspired running is for you if you don’t yet know you’re a runner.

It’s in you.

But you haven’t given yourself permission to identify with the term ‘runner’.

You’re scared of your own power and ability.

You want someone who believes in you and helps you see just how capable you are.

Maybe you’ve dabbled in running other fitness endeavors but you haven’t yet found your groove.

You think to be be a runner you have to go out, run 6 miles every day and love it.  First time out.

You haven’t found the joy and the power that is right outside your doorstep – for free.

You want to do something you love, but you think you have to be ‘good’ or better’ at it before you can love it and own it.

You want to do something that’s good for you.  For your health.

And you want to change your life.

Maybe you think you’re too old to start running.

Or too slow. Or too overweight.

Or you’re worried that you might get hurt.  You won’t be able to breathe.  And you’ll get left behind.

Inspired Running is here to help you break through those obstacles so you can transform your body, your health and your life.

The community is designed to give you the key mindset & action strategies that will help you become a runner for life.

The goal is go help you use running and your fitness to feel empowered about your life. To help you make running & walking a regular habit and most of all, to help you believe that you can be a runner. Inspired Running will help you start running and change your life

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