Embracing Hard

Embracing Hard

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One of my favorite mantras when I’m running or pushing myself towards a new goal is to simply “let it be easy.”

Except sometimes, no matter how much I focus on easy, it still feels hard.

Most of my goals require effort.

Challenging myself to do the unfamiliar requires focus.

Reaching new distances requires me to ask my muscles (in my legs & in my mind) to do something they haven’t done before.

And sometimes that’s just plain hard.

But hard doesn’t require struggle.

The definition of hard includes words like tough, effort & diligence.  But it doesn’t include the word struggle.

Struggle is fighting.

Fighting against the hard.

Fighting what currently is on your way to something different.

Struggle is digging your feet & kicking and screaming your way to a new reality.

Hard is accepting.

Accepting the present while preparing for the future.

Accepting the challenge of the road ahead and using focused effort and energy to move yourself forward.

Hard is knowing that creating what you want will require you showing up, giving sustained effort, failing & falling down.

Hard is going all in on the bet  that you can do it and giving it all you’ve got.

Hard creates growth.

Struggle creates suffering.

Oddly enough dropping the struggle and accpeting the hard is what ultimately allows it to be easy.

In the comments below share one area of your life that you’re struggling where accpeting hard might make it easy.

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