Trust Your Training

Trust Your Training

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Two Inspired Runners earned the privilege of calling themselves marathoners for the  first time last weekend.

One of these runners started running when she was 62 years young.

The other started running after being inspired when the STP bike race passed her house while she was sitting on the front porch drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette.

Five years ago, both of them would have told you there was no way they could run a marathon.

Two years ago, both still struggled to identify with the term ‘runner.’

And yet on Sunday, there they were crossing the finish line, celebrating an amazing journey culminating in 26.2 miles.

They started with baby steps. Running first a block. Then a mile. Then a race. Then a half marathon.

Then they started officially training.

14 miles. 16 miles. 18 miles. And then 20 mile training runs.

And even with all that training, all that preparation, all the experience they had when they showed up at the starting line, they had yet to accomplish the goal at hand.

They had done everything they could to get ready.

They had put in put in the time, the miles, and the effort, but they didn’t yet know that they could actually run a 26.2 mile race. That wouldn’t come until after they crossed the finish line.

Such is true in life.

No matter how much training you put in; no matter how prepared you are. When you step up to do something you’ve never done, you won’t actually know you can do it, until you actually do it. This could be anything:

The big presentation at work.

The sales meeting to secure the client.

The business you’re dreaming about starting.

There’s always going to be a gap between your training and the finish line.

And in that gap, between all the preparation and your dreams, the only option you’re left with is to trust.

Trust your training to pull you through.

You’ve done the hard work. You’ve prepared as best you could.

You’ve put in the time. You’ve run the miles.

Now it’s time to lean in and trust yourself.

Your body is ready to go. Your heart is ready to sing. Your training has paved the way.

Step up to the starting line and trust it.

On your mark, get set – Go!

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