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If you hated running for your entire life, but started doing it to improve your health – you’re not alone.

When you decided to start running, you made a huge commitment to your health. But right now, it might feel like there’s a special runners club where you don’t quite belong.

That’s because many of the resources out there are and designed for runners with years of experience under their belt which makes them overwhelming when you’re getting started.

It’s O.K.!

Being a beginner is perfect.  It’s where every master starts.

You’re out there. You’re doing it. You’re running.

It doesn’t matter how slow you are or how late in life you started.

The Inspired Running community is designed to provide you with the tips & tools you need to gain confidence and expertise so you can run in a way that feels easier and more enjoyable & stick with it for life.

A word of encouragement – even though you might not love it yet, even though you might be slow, even though you may have started late in life – you can do it.

Your body was created to move.

Very young children run with joy and enthusiasm almost everywhere they go (I can still hear my mom saying walk, don’t run).  And yet somewhere along the way, you most likely forgot that running can be fun.

It often happens in gym class where exercise becomes a formal practice.  You’re given rules and structure. You start being judged by your peers as not fast enough or strong enough to keep up. Fitness becomes about competition – winning and losing. In fact, studies show that 50% of American Children experience their first failure in life related to athletics.

As an adult, you’re taught to use willpower (which is an exhaustible resource) to make yourself exercise, even when you don’t want to. Just do it. Push through it. You start to associate exercise with pain, even though you know deep down it’s good for you.

Running can be fun. You can learn to enjoy it.

It starts with shifting how you see yourself and how you see fitness. It grows with the understanding that a desire to run can be cultivated.

The benefits are life-changing. Running can teach you to believe in yourself.  It can be used as a tool to see your strengths. Running can be an access point to reconnect with your body and your soul.  And it can be fun!

The key to creating a lifelong relationship with running is a combination of embracing where you are, getting tips and tools specific to you and your needs and understanding how to develop lasting motivation.

Essentially, you’ve got to know what to do, how to gradually improve so you don’t overwhelm your body from the start, and you need tools to help you challenge the psycholgical barriers that stop you from seeing yourself as a runner.

If you don’t see yourself as a runner, if you think you hate running, if every time you head out the door it’s painful, it’s going to be nearly impossible to stick with and enjoy any plan that’s out there – no matter how good it is.

You’ve got to change the way you see yourself & exercise and combine that with a training approach that feels easy, doable and fun! 

At Inspired Running – you’ll find the tools you need.  

  • Live monthly calls to help you change your life & your relationship with running for good: You’ll have the chance to call in live, ask questions & be coached or you can download the calls anytime from the archive library.
  • Behind the scenes coaching reveals: Listen in as I coach clients around the road blocks to enjoying fitness. These calls were created to help you understand how to change your own relationship with exercise.
  • Real time support & encouragement via forums and a facebook group. The community is designed to give you all the support you need keep you moving in the right direction.
  • Personalized coaching from Certified Life Coach Christy Lambert: You’ll have regular access to one of the leading experts on how the mind creates roadblocks to fitness.  Once a month I host a live, open line coaching session for members of the community.
  • How to-tips, designed specifically for beginners - including specifics on pace, breathing, form, and motivation so you approach running from a place of can instead of can’t.
  • 30 day jump start challenge to get your mind and your body moving! 

Why Inspired Running?

When I first started to run, it was scary. I wanted support and encouragement but found most running sites and resources were geared toward experienced runners.

I wanted to enjoy it, but it consistently felt hard. I was worried that I just plain wasn’t a runner. That I was too slow and too out of shape to ever enjoy the act of running.

I’ve since learned that it wasn’t the physical motion of running that was making the process hard. It was the way I thought about running, the way I approached running & the way I thought about myself that made it especially difficult.

It wasn’t always easy.  Or fun.  And for me, it certainly wasn’t fast.

But I learned to love it. I learned tricks to make easier. I’ve learned to overcome my doubts.

My life was changed, and this community was born, after I had the chance to start a running group specifically for beginners in my local community. The first day we ran, everyone had the same concern. They were worried that they were too slow, afraid they would once again be left behind.

I’ve seen so many people write off running for good because their past experiences have been awful.  I’ve seen them start & give up because they felt like there wasn’t a place to get support & resources without feeling out of place.

I don’t want that to be you. I want you to be able to give yourself this gift of running in a way that feels good.  In a way that nurtures your soul.

I’ve taken my own personal experience with running, combined it with my extensive training as a running coach, weight loss coach & life coach and created a community specifically designed to help beginning runners develop an enjoyable, lasting relationship with running.

Membership Benefits:

    • Support: Surrounding yourself with others who genuinely support you and your goals can improve your success and your well being.
    • Motivation: The framework for motivation is based on the desire to do something. It’s not about willpower. The Inspired Running community is designed to help you ramp up motivation & decrease resistance.
    • Encouragement:   We’re here to encourage you to live well and run well. We share what works and what doesn’t. You’ll get loads of tips, tricks, habits & perspective to help you feel good about yourself and your running.
    • Inspiration: When you’re tired of pushing through it, sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get you back on track. The Inspired Running community is full of inspiration to help you keep running fun.
    • Self-Confidence: Success = more success. At Inspired Running you’ll learn how to create success out of the gates. You’ll learn to celebrate your wins and feel good about what you’ve accomplished.  There is no room for comparison at IR. Everyone is in it together.
    • Practical How-To’s: From how to run up hills to increasing your desire to run, there’s plenty of how-to’s to get you on the road to running.
    • Community: With unlimited access to the community forum, you’ll get the benefit of sharing your journey with other beginners and learning from what they’ve learned. You’ll have a space to share your challenges, ask questions and get support. You won’t find a more positive, supportive running community online.

What that does for you:

Inspires you to find the joy in running and your life!


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