30-Day Jump Start

A plan to help you start running

Enter your name and email, and you’ll get one action item/tip emailed to you every day for 30 days.   

The 30 day jump start is designed to support, motivate & encourage you to start running/walking and have fun in the process!

In my experience, I’ve found, the easiest way to create lasting change is to develop small habits that automatically trigger behavior.

During this challenge, you’ll start be given daily actions steps that build to create a habit of regular exercise.

Be warned – some of these challenges will seem like the have nothing to do with running/walking. These challenges are just as important as the running/walking challenges.  Don’t skip them!

If you miss a day, go back and redo the last challenge you completed.  It’s essential to complete each day of the challenge.  Don’t skip days to catch up – it’s not a race!

Your building a foundation that will support your running/walking goals for the long-term.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at christy.lambert@areyouthriving.com

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