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Membership Required

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Want to join the fun?

There’s finally a place for runners & walkers just like you!

True beginners who want to make running a regular part of their life are just getting started and want to have some fun in the process.

At IR there’s nothing wrong with starting small and there’s no shame in going slow. In fact, my favorite running mantra of all time is: “run as slow as you can.”

So what exactly is Inspired Running?

Inspired Running is an virtual community of beginning runners/walkers who come together to support each other.

The community provides practical how-to tips & tools to get started, personalized support & coaching and a lot of inspiration to pave the way.

The IR community believes that running is an access point that can improve your entire life. While running is the primary focus, the community is passionate about helping members live rich and full lives.

In that spirit, IR offers 1-4 live monthly coaching calls with a variety of life coaches to help support & encourage members to reach all of their dreams.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Personalized support & coaching
  • A unique perspective on how to use running to improve your entire life
  • How-to resources to help you get started
  • Inspired goal setting with online accountability
  • Tools to keep you motivated
  • Success stories from other beginners
  • Monthly coaching calls on everything from nutrition & weight loss to money & happiness
  • Access to the membership forum for ongoing support from a positive, encouraging community

How is this different from all other running information online?

There is a lot of great information available for runners on the Internet and not everyone is interested in the personal coaching, motivation & feedback that is offered via the Inspired Running community.

The intent of the community is to inspire as many people as possible to reach their fitness and life goals using inspiration to pave the way. Members get real time feedback & motivation via the live coaching calls and community forums.

The community combines the practical how to knowledge you need to have to get started with deep insights into motivation and barriers to keep you going.

Plus, the community is entirely built for true beginners. It’s a safe place to share your fears, your challenges & your small wins. We’ll support you every step of the way.

Are there any rules?

There’s only two rules at the IR community.

Rule #1: No posting of times.

It’s easy to start comparing yourself to others and beating yourself up for not being fast enough. At IR we believe no one is too slow to start. In that spirit, we find it best to take the focus off how fast you’re running. That being said – we want to celebrate your wins. If you have a PR, let us know. Celebrate. Just don’t include the time.

Rule #2: Have fun!

If you’re not having fun, what’s the point? I’m the first to recognize there will be times it doesn’t feel fun – and that’s ok. Reach out! We’ll support you and help you get back to having fun!

How much does it cost to join?

You can start your one-month trial enrollment for just $1. After the trial period, membership is $14.00 a month.

Join the Inspired Running Community: Full access trial $1
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