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  1. Christy

    The Talent Myth

    I used to believe that you were either good at something or you weren’t.   I believed talent was decided by genes. You were either born with the artistic gene, the athletic gene, the musical gene, the smart gene or you weren’t. If there was something you loved and you...
  2. Christy

    What if it was easy?

    What would it look like if you let it be easy? All the time? Not just on a short run, on a sunny day, when you’re well rested. What if on every day, on every run you allowed it to be easy? Or what if you just never let it...
  3. Christy

    What are you wishing for?

    It’s funny how when you run a lot, running a lot ain’t no big thing. Back before I knew I was a runner, it seemed almost impossible to even think about running an entire mile without stopping.  Mile by mile, run by run. It’s no longer impossible. I was doing my...
  4. Christy


    Uphill I hate hills. They say running up hills is good for you. It builds speed. And endurance.  Whips you into shape. They also say running down hills is worse for you.  Harder on your knees. Who are these people? I’m not one for being whipped into anything. I don’t run...

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